Thursday, April 26, 2012

One month/Un mois

This year has seriously gone by way too fast! How can it be that I only have one month left in Belgium?! It seems like just yesterday I was getting on a plane in Sacramento and heading to Brussels. When I look back on that day...and my first few months in Belgium, I feel like I'm thinking about another person. I've changed so much during my time here...and I'm very sad to know it's coming to an end.

Even though I know I only have one month left, I'm going to try not to be too sad or emotional. I will try to make this month the best! Make new friends, see new cities, eat more chocolate and waffles ;) This weekend I already have so much to do! Friday night I will be going to a party with my host brother, Saturday there are some activities to do with my host family in Namur and after a Scouts dinner for my other host brother in Dinant. Sunday is a Rotex organized day in Walibi! Walibi is Belgian's theme park, which means lots of rollercoasters and I'm hoping for a ferris wheel too :) I will get to see about 150-200 other exchange students. Thankfully Monday and Tuesday are vacation days...I need time to rest! Monday my friend from school invited me over to her house to hang out with some of our other friends. How sweet!

But now that I'm thinking about being home in one's going to be so GREAT to hug my mom and dad!!! Ahhh I really miss them so much. Sadly, my sister will be studying for her finals in Santa Barbara so I won't be able to see her till June at her graduation. I hope my flight doesn't get delayed because I really want to go to In-N-Out for dinner!! :D

Have a nice weekend!

Living the Belgian life ;)

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