Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Italia April 2012!

Ciao Bella!! I was lucky enough to spend my Spring Break all around Italy with 70 other exchange students and a few Rotary chaperones. We left April 1st and returned April 11th.

Day 1: Driving to Rome in two different buses. One for the English speakers and another for the Spanish speakers. The drive took us about 24 hours, but I loved it because we got to talk, play games and watched a couple movies.
Day 2: Roma! When we first arrived we had a yummy group lunch. Salad, pasta, chicken, and dessert! I miss Italian food already :( Then we walked to the Vatican Museum for a guided tour. There were so many tourists! But the weather was perfect and Rome really is a beautiful city. Also I enjoyed some delicious gelato that day, Limoncello and Nutella :) We left at night and headed to our hotel where we had another delicious meal of pasta, meat, and dessert.
Day 3: Rome...in the morning we had a tour of the Colosseum. I really enjoyed it! In the afternoon I had delicious pizza for lunch followed by gelato at the Trevi Fountain! I made sure to make a few wishes :)
Day 4: Rome and Montecassino. Nice day...visited some ruins and moved into our second hotel.
Day 5: Almafi Coast and Sorrento. Beautiful places!! Sorrento is the town known for Limoncello, and it is quite delicious! Amalfi had great views and I enjoyed a great pizza lunch that day (Pretty much everyday I had pizza for lunch :) )
Day 6: Capri and Anacapri. My second favorite day! These two places are breathtaking....beautiful blue water, colorful houses, great views. I wouldn't mind spending some more time in Capri later on...
Day 7: Pompeii. It was raining this day so it wasn't the best but I still had fun :) We went on a tour of the city...
Day 8: Pisa and Sienna. Raining again...but took some great pictures with the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Sienna is a really pretty town also...ate some pizza then looked at a church.
Day 9: Murano and Burano. Amazing day! These are two little islands, Murano is known for glass making and Burano for the brightly colored houses. We got to watch a man blowing glass. I bought some really cool souvenirs that day :) I would love to love in one of the bright pink houses on Burano!
Day 10: Venice....MY FAVORITE!! This was our last day and I absolutely loved Venice. It's just so magical. There were so many gondolas but they're so expensive! 70 or 80 euros for just 30 minutes with 6 people. But we had a lot of free time to explore and all around it was a memorable day!

I hope to go back to Italy soon! It is an amazing country....friendly people, beautiful cities, the best food you will ever eat!! Take me back!!

In Rome :)

Capri with some lovely exchange students!

Pisa! With Sravya and Jane :)


Gelato in Venice!

Group at the Colesseum

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