Monday, January 30, 2012

Il neige/Vive la greve!!

Bonjour mes amis! I am so happy today because I don't have school and when I woke up I saw SO MUCH snow falling outside my window :) Today is a national strike day in Belgium so there are no buses or trains running. That is the way most students get to school so my principal decided to make today a holiday for us. Thank goodness! I need some extra sleep and I don't like my class schedule for Monday's: French, Geography, English, History, and Religion. I really don't understand anything in Religion class.

This Wednesday I will be leaving for a three day retreat with the rest of my class. It's basically to just get to know one each other better and to have a chance to build better relationships. I am looking forward to it....and we will go on hikes and do yoga too!

Well I hope it continues to snow like makes everything look so magical! Tomorrow I will give English lessons at lunch so I need to prepare a topic to talk about. It's so fun teaching :) And in 11 short days I will be in Switzerland! Yaaaaay so exciting!

There is so much to be happy about...and I hope that all of you can find happiness in your life as well.

So beautiful :) This is the view from my bedroom window!
That's it for now!

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