Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trois mois!?

I've been in Belgium for three months already! So crazy. Oh and sorry I haven't been updating often but I can never find the time. I will try to be better from now on though :)

Here's some things I've been up to recently:
London, North Sea, Liege, Anvers, Brussels, Ypres, Tintin museum, Namur Nature Film Festival, Oxfam breakfast, Kraft mac and cheese for my host family, chocolate chip cookies for my english class, french lessons, crepes for dinner, Pizza Hut, seeing movies in French at the cinema and trying to understand what's going on, cheerleading exercises for my gym class, meeting amazing exchange students, becoming better friends with the Belgians, watching Grey's Anatomy and Glee with my host sisters, trying not to be depressed that I'm not going to have a Thanksgiving this year, receiving letters and packages in the mail :), eating some of the best food I've ever had in my life, buying lots of scarves and gloves, improving my french everyday...

The weather here has been beautiful lately! My host mom said in November it's usually gray and rainy but it's been clear skies and sunshine! I feel so lucky but I still want snow! Hopefully for Christmas :)

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving and think of me when you're eating! XOXO

Take me back to London!!

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