Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Exams

I just got home from my French exam. My teacher had me write an essay on Christmas in America. So easy! I'm beginning to really like exams here :)

Last Friday I had my English exam. I read two different articles in English then replied to questions in French. After, I had my oral exam where I spoke in French about taking a gap year. This Wednesday is Geography. I have been studying and last night my host mom helped me with the concepts that I couldn't understand. It's a little difficult when the book is in French ;) But actually I find this subject to be interesting and I'm looking forward to see how I will do on the test. Friday I have another oral exam for English. I will be speaking about some topic in French. Next Monday will be my last exam! It's English again, I will read articles and write about them in French.

Christmas break is almost here! I'm going to Euro Disney in Paris on the 20th, hanging out with exchange student and school friends, and spending time with my host family before I switch families in January!

My class at school :)

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